Adsorbed natural gas system for storage of natural gas and use in transport

Competitive advantages

Increasing the capacity of gas cylinders and storage tanks for methane 1.5-2.5 times through the use of competitively priced nano-modified carbon sorbents (2-5 times cheaper than their foreign counterparts).

As a result, cost of the adsorption system for storage natural gas 5-10 times lower than those emerging foreign counterparts. Used carbon sorbents have been tested by the State Corporation Rosatom.

Essence of innovation

Using its own technologies for the synthesis and modification of nanoparticles of carbon sorbents to increase capacity for methane at their low cost compared to foreign counterparts. Own method of filling gas cylinders fibrous sorbents to increase the efficiency of storage and transportation of natural gas.

  • Adsorbtion of natiral gas onto activated carbon at low pressure, up to about 35bar.
  • Carbon specially designed to achieve maximum capacity.
  • Greater energy density than CNG at same pressure up to 100bar. Several times capacity of CNG at about 35bar pressure.

Results achieved

International project team developed a technology for the synthesis of sorption materials for storing methane and their modification by nanoparticles. In the 2014-2015 year, tests were conducted laboratory samples. We are carrying out research and development of design storage systems methane. In 2015 he received a grant from the Skolkovo as a result of winning the competition «Innovations in the oil and gas industry.»

Market potential

The global market for gas cylinders and tanks for methane (natural gas) is more than 15 mln. Pieces, or about 13 billion. Dollars a year, is growing at 5-7% per year (MarketsandMarkets).

Market growth gas storage systems (including gas cylinders for methane) is 5-7% per year.

The main consumers — gas companies, manufacturers of gas cylinders and storage of natural gas, cars and buses to natural gas (BASF, Sinoma, Gazprom, Rosneft, Russian Machines, TMK Group, OMZ, and others).

The teame




SCHUKIN LEO I., Ph.D., Chief Engineer;

THOMAS ROSIN (Finland), Consultant R & D and IP

IOFIS BOB (USA), investment consultant.


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